Twister Articulator

“The twister articulator enables me, as a dentist, to quickly and accurately present a case to my patients. The Dentist Signature Kit enables the mounting of diagnostic models in a simple,fast and accurate manner, eliminating unnecessary time spent in our office laboratory. I would highly recommend The twister articulating system.”

                                                                                                    Rita Dargham D.M.D

                                                                                                    Coconut Grove,Florida

Twister Articulator

“Simplicity makes beauty it is The Twister Articulating System. This is a great tool to have for my office. It is plaster less and easy to use. In minutes I can have my casts articulated and ready for my patient diagnosis. I highly recommend this Dentist Signature kit Great job Invent Dental”

                                                                                    Sandra Carvalho prosthodontist

                                                                                    Davie, Florida

Twister Articulator

“Mounting diagnostic casts for yourself, or to show patients, could not be easier. This plaster less Twister Articulating System allows me or my assistant to mount the maxillary cast to the mandibular in no time and no mess! It’s simple design can simulate excursive and protrusive jaw movements. The Dentist Signature Kit truly is a great product!”

                                                                                                    Jose A bushdid DMD

                                                                                                    Coral Gables, Florida