Works With Exocad


Works With 3Shape

stratasys and twister

The Original Twister Articulator on Printing Models

Twister Articulator Plus

The Twister Plus Articulating System

Twister Plus Articulator

The Twister Plus Articulator

test caption

Quadrant Rubber Bases


Acrilic partial on The Twister Plus Articulator


Acrylic partial

Silicone Mold Full Arch

Full Arches Rubber Bases

Amanngirrbach Ball Adapter

Disposable AmannGirrbach Giroform Adapter

Twister Ball Adapters

Disposable Twister Adapters

Itero Ball Adpter

Disposable Itero Adapter

100g Super Ring

The 100g Super Ring

Ring and base 1

Base and Cape


New Super Ring

ring and investment

The 100g Super Ring With Investment

100g Super Ring Pressed

The 100g Super Ring Emax Press 2 Ingots.

"4 Molars

4 Molars pressed in the 100g Super Ring

Twister on Amanngirrbach and Zeiser

Twister adapters on Amanngirrbach

Twister on Itero

Twister adapters on Itero Models